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School & Tutoring

Student-athlete will attend High School at the local "Scores Altes La Ila", were they enjoy special privileges such as dedicated tutoring, absences for training or racing are justified and not included in the count of total absences, timing of tests are mutually agreed with teachers. The school has two academic tracks: a college-prep track and a commercial school track. School is multilingual (classes are taught in Italian, Ladin, German and English, with French and Latin as options, too). School, tutoring and lunch at school are included in the fees. There is also the option of doing a part of school work with an online provider of your choice. Contact us for more details and options.  


Children under 15 need, by Italian law, to be accompanied by a parent or Guardian. Student athletes 15 and over will be lodged in local families, a pensione or an apartment. FIS athletes can also opt to stay at the Alpine Village, owned and run by the Alpine branch of the Italian Army, which is also the home base for several members of the national ski team when training. Athletes can otherwise organize their own lodging, especially if coming with their family. Contact our partner InfoDolomites for assistance with lodging, transfers, etc.


Athletes from Schengen countries do not need a Visa, the only formality will be getting a "Codice Fiscale" once in Italy. Non-Schengen athletes (and eventual accompanying parents / guardians) need a visa to stay for more than 3 months in the European Union. There are several possible visa, and we will help you with that, contact us for more details. 

Travel to Alta Badia

The nearest airports are Venice and Verona in Italy. Munich in Germany and Innsbruck in Austria are also good options. We will be happy to organize transportation from you port of arrival to Alta Badia (for a fee). For more detailed information on how to get to Alta Badia, please see here. For first timers, we strongly recommend arriving with a parent or guardian. 

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