School & Tutoring

Student-athlete have the option to follow their follow their home program online or to attend High School at the local "Scores Altes La Ila", where our athletes enjoy a special student-athlete status and have their own tutor.

All athletes are also taking Italian as a second language classes with the possibility to take a final certification.  Contact us for more details and options.  


Athletes live together with a resident coach who look after them and travel with them. If planning to live independently in Alta Badia, our partner InfoDolomites can assist you,

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Athletes from Schengen countries do not need a Visa, the only formality will be getting a "Codice Fiscale" once in Italy. Non-Schengen athletes (and eventual accompanying parents / guardians) need a visa to stay for more than 90 days in the European Union. There are several possible visa, and we will help you with that, contact us for more details. 

Travel to Italy

The nearest airports are Verona, Venice, Milan and Bergamo (summer and pre-season). Munich in Germany and Innsbruck in Austria are also possible options, especially if traveling from Overseas as a family. Our partner InfoDolomites can assist you with transfers.