We offer four different programs: Fall Term, Winter Term, Full Academic Year, Gap Year.  

The Fall Term runs from September 15th to November 30th. It's new super-intensive program aimed at those FIS athletes who want to start the season in top shape and low FIS points. The program combines training on nearby glaciers, dry training and participation in local FIS races, which in South Tyrol start in November.


The Winter Term program lasts from December 1st to mid April. We normally ski 5 days a week, in addition to having weekly maintenance sessions. Skiing is either in the morning or in the afternoon. Accepted Winter Term students-athletes are also invited to join our summer program.

The Academic Year runs from mid-September to mid-April. In the fall we have conditioning sessions as well as several training sessions on the glaciers, both in Italy and in Austria. During season, we ski 5 days a week, in addition to having maintenance sessions. In season, skiing is either in the morning or in the afternoon. Accepted students-athletes are also invited to join our summer program.

The Gap Year runs from the second half of September to the end of April, in addition to July to mid-August.

​Accepted athletes are encouraged to join our summer program, which runs from the beginning of July to mid August. In the summer, we alternate dry training 5 days a week with skiing in glaciers and / or indoors.


​In deciding to which program to apply, please consider that while U16 races start in mid-December, with a calendar that allows for substantial training during the winter, FIS races begin already in November and continue with an intense calendar which makes training in the preseason essential. 

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