Summer training (July 17th - August 22nd, 2021)

Accepted athletes are encouraged to join our summer training program. In the summer 2021 the program will begin on July 17 and end on August 22nd, alternating 20 days on-snow at Stelvio Glacier and the rest of dry-land in Alta Badia. Selected athletes can be accepted for the summer training even if not staying for the fall / year. The maximum ratio coach to athlete will be 1:6.  Here is the tentative program for the Summer 2021. Write us to know more.

Winter Camps

The best way to learn about our Academy, and for us to evaluate you, is attending one of our winter camps.

Differently from commercial camps, we tailor the camps to you, creating a mix of training with our athletes and of individual training. If possible and desired, FIS athletes will also have the opportunity to race alongside our team and under the guidance of our coaches: a truly unique and challenging experience, as South Tyrol is one of the most competitive ski areas in the world. Write us to know more.

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