Alta Badia Dolomites International Ski Academy, in the heart of the Dolomites, in the Italian Alps

Are you a motivated, hard working and ambitious athlete who can embrace the challenges of ski racing to achieve your maximum level of success? Have you ever dreamed to live, train and race in the most beautiful part of the Italian Alps, in Alta Badia, home of one Ski World Cup classics, at the heard of the Dolomites? This is your opportunity to do so! 

Located in the heart of the Dolomites, the Alta Badia Dolomites International Ski Academy  a high performance multilingual international Alpine Ski academy in the Italian Alps catering to U16 and FIS athletes who want to pursue their goals of making a national team or collegiate ski racing.  We offer several different programs ranging from winter only to the whole year, fall and summer both for student-athletes and gap year.

Though Ski Club Ladinia-Alta Badia is a relatively small club, we have a steady history of National, European and World Cup champions. Quality, and the correct mind-set, are the basis to succeed. According to the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) progression, at U16 athletes start transitioning from the "Train to Train" development phase, to the "Train to Compete" one. It is therefore in this phase that a full time, focused and challenging program becomes instrumental and can make the difference. To ensure the high quality our Ski Club is known for, our Academy will stay small and admission is therefore competitive. Though skiing is an individual sport, we believe in teamwork, camaraderie, and caring for teammates, as fundamental elements for long-term success.  

In season, training on snow takes place either in the early morning and/or in the early afternoon, in addition to dry-training sessions, mental coaching, ski tuning workshops, meetings with current and former European Cup and World Cup Ski racers who will share their experience and advice. South Tyrol is one of the most competitive areas for ski racing, so if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. In the off season, we alternate intensive dry-training with skiing on glaciers and ski domes.

Student-athletes will attend our multilingual public school where classes are taught in Italian, Ladin, German, English, French and Latin. Student-athletes staying for the winter term can choose which classes to follow and for the rest work with our tutor and/or follow their home program on line. 

Immersed in a multicultural society, enjoying all that Italy and the Dolomites have to offer, the Academy will be an enriching experience both technically and personally. You will go back home not only a better skier and racer, but also a multilingual speaker.

If you want come and see it for yourself for a shorter period, try our camps!


The deadline for applying was March 6th, 2020 but we are extending it in response to COVID19

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This program is part of DC4SKI, a project supported by the European Commission ERASMUS-Sport.

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