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While we recommend online school, and many of our athletes have finished high school, there is the possibility to attend our local high school in Alta Badia. We are happy to give advice on both schooling and college choice and strategies. 

We also offer Italian language classeswith the possibility to take a final certification.  PG athletes also have the option to work as a research assistants for a range of academic programs.

Contact us for more details and options.  



We have two different home-bases: one in Alta Badia in the Dolomites, and the other in Aprica, in the Bormio region, where athletes live together in shared apartments

For the rest, expect a lot of hotels, especially in the pre-season and for races. Living independently is also possible for the older athletes or if coming as a family. Contact us for more details and options.


Athletes from Schengen countries do not need a Visa, the only formality will be getting a "Codice Fiscale" once in Italy. Non-Schengen athletes need a visa to stay for more than 90 days in the European Union. There are several possible visa, and we will help you with that, contact us for more details. 

Travel to Italy

The nearest airports are Venice and Milan. Munich in Germany is also an option, especially if traveling from overseas as a family.

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