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There are three options to join us: Summer, Fall, or PreSeason&Season. There is also a possibility, just for returning athletes, to join us for the winter only.


Our summer training program maximize training on snow (with 20 days on snow in average per month) and for rest dry-land  (agility, mobilitystretchinglifting, climbing, hiking, biking etc.) and much needed rest.  Training takes place first in Stelvio, Solda, Senales, Austria, Les Deux Alps as well as in inside domes for tech disciplines. Read here an article from Ski Racing about our Summer training. 

Pre-season (mi-September to November

A unique, intensive training and FIS racing program to get in top shape and enter a few pre-season FIS races to be ready for the season! The program combines pre-season training  and dry training with FIS races, which in the Alps begin in November. Training takes place first in Stelvio, Solda, Senales or Austria, then when snow conditions allows, in Alta Badia, Aprica, Bormio, Cortina, Diavolezza (CH), Dobbiaco, Fassa etc. New from this year, we added an additional  home-base in Florence, Italy, the birthplace of Renaissance, for the off-snow weeks in the fall! Who get to dry-train with a view??

Pre-season+Season (mid-September to early-April)

Spend both the pre-season and the season in the most beautiful and competitive Alpine ski areas in the world, training and racing in the most competitive areas of the world, with an international team yet deeply rooted in the Italian reality and including several local athletes.Training takes place in Alta Badia, Cortina, Dobbiaco, Fassa while in the pre-season at Stelvio, Solda or Austria depending on snow. Accepted athletes are encourage to join also the summer training but that is not a requirement.

Program fees & costs: 

Fees can be all-inclusive or training program-only as independent living is also a possibility. All-inclusive fees include:

- The training program (on snow and dry-training);

- Skipass

- Italian language classes

- Administrative work and support for eventual visa

- Room & board

- Races (it includes fees, hotels, ski-pass, transportation, and shared costs)

For the more older and more independent athletes, we however offer the possibility to people to take care of their own room and board and only pay the program fees to the program. Write us to learn more.


How to enroll

First of all, write us. If possible, we encourage you come for a period of training with us so that we can evaluate and you can get to know us. A series of zoom meetings with the prospective athlete and the family is a possible, yet less recommended option. Once we have accepted you, you will need a non-refundable deposit that will be subtracted from your fees. 

Documents: Health certificate, Insurance, Passport

Under Italian law, it is required for all athletes to have a valid health certificate expressly attesting the athlete physical ability to race in ALPINE SKIING. Upon acceptance, you will be required to send us the health certificate, copy your health insurance, immunization record, and insurance for damages to third parties or people - without which you will be not able to take part in the Academy - and a copy of your passport. We can otherwise book the physical tests for you, but please be aware you won't be able to take part in training or racing unless you have a valid health certificate. You will also need to get an Italian "codice fiscale" (it can also be done before departure at the local Consulate) NEW: FULL COVID VACCINATION IS MANDATORY TO ATTEND THE ACADEMY (Americans need to bring their original CDC card, Europeans to have the Green Pass)



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