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The Alta Badia - Aprica Ski Academy is born out of the experience of the Alta Badia Ski Academy and of GB World, coupled with a deep knowledge of European, American, and international ski race environments.

We are a small non-commercial program, with two different home-bases in the Italian Alps in both areas of the Milano-Cortina 20226 Olympics: the Dolomites and the Bormio region - in order to best respond to our athletes needs and skills and to privilege quality and individual attention. 

Our coaches and staff have extensive experience across all continents and are the best to advise you on how to best achieve your goals, be it the Olympics or NCAA D1 College. We offer training and racing in all Alpine Disciplines as well as in SX.

Read here Ski Racing's reporting  about our summer training.


Massimo Longhi was for 3 decades the Alta Badia Ski team FIS Head Coach. He has coached Europe and World Cup athletes and has send dozens of athletes to the National Team, winning among others a silver medal at the EYOF and a silver medal at the World Juniors.

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Giorgio Marchesini is is former SX World Cup racer and Alpine racer having a vast international experience.

He is the Head Coach of the Irish Ski Federation and has previously coached the FIS camp and the Argentina Ski National Team.

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Alain Pini started ski racing at 6, achieving important accomplishments and results in his career. In 2008, he became a ski instructor, then a level III ski coach III and a National Instructor.

In 2013 he founded GB Ski Club for which he also serves as Alpine Director.

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Richard Rokos will guest coach for us at given times. He has been University of Colorado Alpine Skiing’s Head Coach for over 30 years, winning 8 national championships, 43 individual champions and 225 All-Americans

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Davide Sesini (aka Seso) began racing at 9 and quickly rose through the ranks, specializing in speed events. A ski instructor and ski coach, he has a degree in PE and Sports from the University of Milan.

Executive Director & Academic Advisor


Dr. Federiga Bindi is a university professor with appointments in both Italy and the US, and a USSA coach. A former racer, she lives with her family between Alta Badia and Colorado.

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Ginevra Bonasia is a former athlete, a ski Instructor and coach. She was part of the divisional team and raced in Europe and South America. She is completing a BA in Sports Psychology. 

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Marco Biasci won the Italian Championships as early as U14, and later in Super G and SL, getting to 27.06 FIS points in GS and 22.57 in SL. Having quit racing because of injury, he became a ski instructor, and a coach so that he can continue to contribute to the sport he loves the most

Sports Psycologist

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Dr. Jim Taylor needs no presentation. He is the  most well-known and well-respected sports psychologist, as well as a formers US Ski Team member

Italian Language

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Maria Cristina Coccoluto is a Professor of Italian at the prestigious College of Europe and at the IIC in Bruxelles and is author of many books on teaching Italian.

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